Why You Should Totally Play Lockdown! (The Game!)

Stuck at home and getting bored? Yep, that’s the “new normal” amidst the coronavirus pandemic. I know it sounds mad to suggest a game called Lockdown during actual lockdown but hear me out! Comedian James Veitch spent his own lockdown brainstorming a game called Lockdown (The Game!) that’s perfect for anyone suffering through lockdown (that’s almost everyone). A game that started as fiction and gained immense popularity among his followers will soon be live.   

 Why this game is a must-play during this pandemic:   

•    People are stuck at home…alone and not knowing how not to waste their time. This card game is the best way to have some fun time with your family, friend and partner, and let loose one’s stress in this pandemic.

•    The game represents real-life situations being stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic; the cards feature household, protective measures, and frustrations…all related to our lives during the lockdown. There are special cards too – the currency are Panic Buys (toilet paper), there are hilarious combinations like baking followed by more baking. There’s even a card for “wine at lunch." Sin, Social Commentary, and COVID-19  all can be used in different situations. Knowing how and when to play these cards make the experience more engaging.   

•    The best thing about this game is that there are no rules. Or at least the rules keep changing (just like the regular lockdown). James Veitch made the initial video with the purpose of “yet another” joke, but it got bigger among his followers and he had to finally think of making it in real-time. He has since invented rules but he urges you to invent your own.  

•    “Lockdown! The Game!” will help relax your mind amidst all the fear and panic you have related to the pandemic. Setting up the game is easy if you follow the video, while you may need to go a little deep to understand the three phases; Draw, Trade and Set-making.  

•    Unfortunately James Veitch mentions that the game is “currently unavailable” in New Zealand due to “government competence,” but we suspect this is a joke.   

We do not know whether the game will become a massive hit with its followers or what rewards await you when it becomes live as a viable game. What is certain is the game is “a fun thing to remind us of a weird time.”   

Apart from creating this bizarre and prescient game, James Veitch is a professional writer and has a bestseller in his pocket – Dot Con. He plays music and performs comedy and is known for his hilarious digital content, especially in the fields of "love, life and technology.”          


A renowned English comedian, speaker and prolific writer, James Veitch steals the limelight with his hilarious presentation and a unique approach to life, love, and technology. He recorded three TED Talks between 2015 and 2016 and has set the record for the fastest-ever TED Talk to reach over 10 million views. With a geeky comedy approach, he took on scammers sending spam emails.   

Just looking at his TED Talk alone, it’s has gained a remarkable response from followers, while he then took it a step further by writing bestseller – Dot Con: The Art of Scamming a Scammer. James Veitch discussed how spam emails will get into your inbox and eventually, make their way to your bank accounts. Using comedy as a through line, he showed how he has been scamming these scammers and getting them caught in their own traps. Despite James Veitch funniness, the message is simple and straightforward – avoid opening, replying or clicking on any links that come with spam emails.         

James Veitch also presented the “the agony of trying to unsubscribe;” how despite unsubscribing from an unnecessary marketing email you inexplicably begin getting more message from the same company in your inbox. These are real-life experiences and he narrates the everyday challenges we face with modern technology in his classic comedy style that is fun and engaging. In addition to his inspiring TED talks, James Veitch is also known for a Reddit AMA that he did earlier in 2020.   

Apparently, he has an interest in music and songs released on Spotify and Apple Music. James Veitch book Dot Con is available on Amazon and Good Reads and has received good reviews on both platforms. James Veitch has also made two appearances on the popular talk show Conan; one being a viral skit about ducks. By the time his TED Talks and book had gotten popular, he had become an icon that people look up to for his incredible presence of mind, comic timing, and hilarious digital content that are are all over the internet now.   

In 2019, he was the host of the Britannia Awards and had been hosting James Veitch’s Contractual Obligation – an investigative journalism series on BBC Radio 4. He also had his comedy special – James Veitch: Straight to VHS – released on HBO Max in August 2020. His nerdy approach towards life and everything ‘technology’ is truly inspirational and shows why James Veitch has emerged as one of the iconic comedians and orators today. Follow him to explore more about his journey and interests.